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Membership Information Illinois Region Model A Restorerís club and Illinois Chaper of MAFCA is a social and learning club comprised of a group of people who love the Model A automobile and enjoy the automobile hobby. The club was established in 1955 and actually has a couple of original members.

Membership is based on the January Ė December calendar year. Dues are $30 nor $25.00 for on line distributor email and are due January 1st. You may join at any time and you donít even need to own a Model A to become a member. If you do own a Model A, itís a must! We have the most talented and knowledgeable folks around! Also, you may currently be a member of another Region Ė we still welcome you as many folks are in several clubs. Please note that membeship in our local chapter does reguire membership in one of the Nationl clubs, either MARC or MAFCA

Illinois Region Membership and Illinois Chaper of MAFCA includes: an award-winning monthly publication called the Distributor available also on line, monthly meetings held the first Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m. at the American Legion Hall, 9757 Pacific Ave. Franklin Park Il (optional attendance), Technical Information and Seminars and many fun events including Garage Tour, Picnic, Ladies A's, Overnighter, Ladies Night Out and more.

For further information on joining the Illinois Region Model A Restorerís Club and Illinois Chaper of MAFCA , please contact the Director by going to the bottom of this page and click on Contact Illinois Region MARC or even better, drop in on a Membership Meeting on the First Tuesday of the month at the address above.


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